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Post by mayak » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:02 pm

Hi everyone,
I am due to apply for naturalisation in Dec this year as a spouse of an I rish citizen but I have some short comings and different people have been giving me different opinions. I satisfied all the requirements except that I have never worked in Ireland and I only recently started getting job seekers` allowance from May this year. I originally objected to it but because all my genuine efforts over the years to find a job failed, I decided to take up a course with VTOS but was told I had to be on social for a minimum of 6months to be eligible and now I don`t know whether to go ahead with my application or to forget it altogether. Presently, I am doing a short course with Vec while on awaiting list for the VTOS` one.
I contacted justice dept and asked them if I could apply regardless and was told that anyone who meets the statutory requirements can apply. Could it be that they are trying to trick me to get the €175 application fee or should I just risk it? Pls if you have gone through a similar situation or know anyone who has,
your advice is greatly welcomed.


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