Help regarding student visa

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Help regarding student visa

Post by fibonacciuser0112358 » Tue Jul 06, 2021 2:08 pm

I had an appointment with VFS on 28th June 2021 and have submitted all the documents required for student visa. It has been over a week now and I have not received any updates from VFS. I had subscribed for the message service as well but have not received any messages yet. Also, I am not able to track my application status on the VFS website(It says invalid reference number or last name). I have also called the customer care service multiple times but all they say is that the application is in transit. I have a couple of friends who had applied before me and they have all received regular messages and updates. Really worried whether VFS has forwarded the application or not. Anyone else has experienced this? I am just hoping that VFS has not misplaced my documents.

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Re: Help regarding student visa

Post by aj98 » Sun Jul 11, 2021 10:41 pm

I'd say not to expect much from VFS updates. In my experience, they only have 3 statuses

- Received at VFS, XXX
- Forwarded for processing to the embassy
- Forwarded to the courier partner after processing

The main chunk of the work happens between the last 2 statuses. It could be weeks or months before you hear back from them. Once your application reaches the embassy, the whole thing becomes a black box. You won't be able to track it.

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